Sex tapes, leaked nudes and OnlyFans! 2022 sexcapades

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Sex tapes, leaked nudes and OnlyFans! 2022 sexcapades

2022 was dubbed the year to unofficially take back some level of freedom from the world being on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we were forced to head back to our offices for work, some celebs from solace and an income with creating content online.

Instagram, Twitter and OnlyFans began to see an influx of popular hashtags such as leaked, nudes, sex and money.

Many celebrities who began creating content online, were at the mercy of the internet and social media exposing every inch of their body and private life once they hit, upload and post.

Celebs like former B2K singer, Lil Fizz who joined OnlyFans to generate an income after he was no longer cast on Love and Hip Hop. His leaked nudes created a major volcano on both Twitter and Instagram.

Fizz’s leaked nudes were the running joke for social media.

WATCH: Lil Fizz OnlyFans nudes leaked on Twitter again!!

Rapper Solja Boy’s leaked penis pictures made its rounds on Twitter and censored parts of it hit Instagram. Some described the leaked images as a desperate attempt for the rapper to sell records, while others claimed he was being extorted.

Soulja Boy OnlyFans nudes leaked on Twitter


Even the older generation celebs began trending on topic. Drummer and musician Tommy Lee leaked an image of his penis on Instagam and Twitter and said he enjoyed OnlyFans and wanted his followers on social media to not miss an inch of manhood.

WATCH: Tommy Lee joins OnlyFans

Actor Jessie Williams did not intentionally leak his own nudes, but he performed naked on a theater stage and a member of the audience sneaked a few pictures of his penis and dropped them on Twitter.

WATCH: Jesse Williams nudes leaked!!!

Even women were caught exposed. Rapper Cardi B’s slipped boob was posted on social media, with many saying her breast while appealing under clothes did nothing for them visually the way her actual boob looked, calling her nip slip, unappealing.

Another rapper’s private parts were leaked online and many savored the moment.

Big Sean’s privates made its way onto to social media and Twitter instantly rooted for the reconnected relationship he has with singer Jhene Aiko.

Big Sean alleged leaked nudes set Twitter on fire

R/B singer O’Ryan’s leaked nudes from OnlyFans set both Twitter and Instagram on fire.

This as the singer recorded himself doing skip ropes completely naked while his junk jumped up and down.

Omarion’s brother O’Ryan joins OnlyFans – nudes leaked on Twitter

Meanwhile former BayWatch actress, Carmen Electra said she joined OnlyFans to become her own boss and generate fast cash.

Carmen Electra, 50, joined OnlyFans to be her own boss


Locals have also cashed in on using the app – IzzSo Media spoke with two persons who gave their view on OnlyFans.

OnlyFans isn’t only for porn stars! Celebs and Trinis showcase too!