UNC needs to transform under credible leadership in order to win another election -NACTA findings

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UNC needs to transform under credible leadership in order to win another election -NACTA findings

The PNM is likely to retain its power in the next general elections in 2025.
That’s according to the latest North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) survey, which was released on Friday.

NACTA, which interviewed 520 voters randomly to represent the demographics of the population, said, “The PNM and UNC are at a statistical dead heat in popular support at 34 per cent. But the UNC trails in projected seats in the 41-seat Parliament.”

Although Opposition leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar has pledged to lead the UNC back into government, NACTA’s findings revealed that UNC will need to change its current leadership and form an alliance with other political parties if it hopes to defeat the PNM.

NACTA said the UNC and other political parties opposed to the PNM do not attract voters’ interest, despite the unpopular views concerning the PNM at the moment.

NACTA said if the UNC were to transform itself under credible leadership and form an alliance similar to the National Alliance for Reconstruction (NAR) of 1986, it could defeat the PNM in the next general election. In that election, the NAR defeated the PNM 33-3.

NACTA said the survey found that while the UNC has gained one per cent more support from people who supported the PNM in the August 10, 2020 general election “its traditional support has been whittling away.”

The survey showed people who voted for the UNC in 2020 will not vote for the party in 2025 because they are not attracted to the quality of people in its leadership. In terms of attracting critical floating-voter support to capture key marginal constituencies such as San Fernando West and St Joseph, NACTA said the UNC is unattractive to these voters.

NACTA claimed the PNM has been been gaining ground in the marginal seats of Pointe-a-Pierre, Chaguanas East, Barataria/San Juan and Moruga/Tableland, which are held by the UNC.