UNC accuses gov’t of ‘scapegoating’ Caroni citizens

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UNC accuses gov’t of ‘scapegoating’ Caroni citizens

The United National Congress has accused Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley of constantly searching for scapegoats and enemies (real or imaginary) to blame for his failures — whether it be “vaccine apartheid”, “quack” doctors or “smartman” salesmen.

In a release, they said the Prime Minister and his government, has now taken a treacherous turn, by promoting a dangerous discourse of singling out and blaming fellow citizens in Caroni for any difficulties that Trinidad and Tobago will face with regard to covid-19.

“This is completely wrong and unacceptable.”

The release questioned “On what basis is this conclusion drawn? What is the sampling method used to make projections to the entire population? What is the size and distribution? How are samples chosen? Trinidad and Tobago ranks an abysmal 143rd in the world on its testing per 1 million population. (Another Keith Rowley failure.)
Every country in the Caribbean ranks higher than us in testing, except Haiti and Suriname.
There is no way that any valid scientific statistical conclusion can be drawn from our testing.”

The party said “Even a TV6 investigative news report also found the Government’s claims about “bars in Caroni” to be unfounded and false. On what basis is Keith Rowley making these divisive statements?
However, we understand the race-baiting and dangerous politicking that the Prime Minister is engaging in. We see it manifesting on social media.”

The party is calling on Rowley, the PNM, their supporters, and the Government to cease and desist from stigmatising fellow citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, and instead focus on the job of securing vaccines for the country and seeking to open up the society and economy in the shortest possible time.