TTPS to blanket capital city in blue this Christmas

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TTPS to blanket capital city in blue this Christmas

A watchful eye will be had over all citizens in the city of Port of Spain this Christmas.

That’s the promise being made to shoppers by head of the Port- of-Spain Police Division Senior Superintendent Roger Alexander.

During a press conference on Friday, Alexander assured that officers will be out in full force, saying shoppers will see a “blanket of blue” over the capital city.

Alexander said various police assets will be engaged in keeping law and order in Port- of- Spain to keep the city safe.
“You will see them challenging persons, searching persons and with information both from the technical aspect and from our stakeholders, we will continue to make arrests and put persons before the court,” he said.

“So fear not when you come to the city. Only thing you have to fear when you come to the city is if you have enough hands to tote what you purchased.”

Alexander said that helping to keep this watchful eye would be the Port-of-Spain Municipal Police, the Guard and Emergency Branch (GEB) of the TTPS, the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) and even members of the public under the “Safe City Initiative.”

He said, “The areas we cannot reach, we have partnered with the citizens to ensure that they would pull that blanket of blue over the areas we cannot cover. It’s actually like deputising persons.”