High compliance rate at both the NCRHA and ERHA for vaccines

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High compliance rate at both the NCRHA and ERHA for vaccines

The chief executive officers of two Regional Health Authority’s (RHA’s) have noted that the public has been displaying an eagerness to become fully vaccinated and were keeping to their scheduled appointments.

Speaking to GML, CEO of the North Central RHA, Davlin Thomas said, “We have a near 100 per cent compliance as people are coming in when you call them.”

“In fact, because we have the opportunity to call them, there are a few who have said they could not come in on the scheduled day and we have been able to make alternative arrangements to have others come in and for those who missed it, to be rescheduled.”

Similarly, CEO of the Eastern RHA, Ronald Tsoi-a-Fatt said they have just a few people missing appointments and they are in touch with them.

He said there were some people who voiced concerns about the journey they have to face to come for the second dose and as such, a second-dose site dispensing the Sinopharm vaccine has been set up at the Sangre Grande Civic Centre to avoid large groups meeting at the Sangre Grande Enhanced Health Centre, where first-time vaccines are being administered.