WATCH: Sex and Drama on Discovery+ Caribbean Reality Show

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WATCH: Sex and Drama on Discovery+ Caribbean Reality Show

The Caribbean is naturally an attractive wonderland with beaches, music, food, and culture…Get ready for an all new reality TV drama, Love in Paradise: The Caribbean,’ with two Caribbean men and two American women on Discovery+ TV.

Watch Trailer Below: 

The new show was aired on Wednesday, July 18th which features a tour boat business operator from Jamaica and a deejay from Barbados.

Sherlon, who also works at a swingers resort, is the Jamaican national who meets Illinois native Aryanna, while she is visiting the island. They have a brief fling and she is now pregnant.

In the trailer, Aryanna’s friends are less than impressed by Sherlon. “Is this your first child or do you have some more kids with some more tourists?” one asks him. In another scene, he tells Aryanna, who’s come to the Caribbean to see if their romance has a future, that they “made a big mistake” and he won’t “be forced to get married.”

While six months pregnant with Sherlon’s baby, Aryanna returns to Jamaica to see if they have a future – and if Sherlon would be willing to move to the United States to get married.

Steven is the deejay from Barbados who met Miami resident Martine while she was on a cruise to the island.

“There are always people trying to throw themselves at him. I want Steven to give me a reason to trust him,” Martine says in the trailer from Discovery+.

Unfortunately for Martine, he’s given her at least one reason not to trust him. “Steven cheated on me once,” she says. “I told him if he ever does that again I will leave him.”

The show is a spinoff of ‘90-Day Finance.’ There are two other couples who will be on the show – with one guy from Panama, and the other from Costa Rica.