“Evolution does not mean destruction” – Eddie Charles

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“Evolution does not mean destruction” – Eddie Charles

“Evolution does not mean destruction; for the people who’ve walked the earth long, enough to understand the importance of experience,” words expressed by Traffik’s band leader, Eddie Charles

The return of one of the Caribbean’s most celebrated music bands, will come as no surprise in 2023.

Already booked, and ready to deliver performance like only this band can, the Point Fortin Borough Day celebration promises to erupt with authentic Soca vibes this year. Traffik returns to Point Fortin in 2023, and with experience its trump card, the band’s leader, Eddie Charles says they’re prepared to cause a major stir in this year’s celebration.

Now rejuvenated and ready to bring back authenticity to the carnival circuit, Charles explained that his decision to step down from the ATeam’s frontline asset, was a well communicated one. “There are no hard feelings whatsoever. The move is one I believe is necessary for my career as an entertainer who dabbles not only in the Carnival sector, but also in the Christmas and corporate performance sector,” said Charles. Already, he has confirmed bookings for December 2023-something that many artistes often hope for.

Eddie Charles has for decades proven his versatile edge as a stage performer and vocalist. His Soca parang music has placed him in a category all of his own, with many promoters reaching out annually to book him for their shows, locally and internationally. “Traffik is now

Traffik 2040. We’re looking toward to the future, but still, we aren’t forgetting the true essence that makes Traffik what it has always been,” said the artiste.

Eddie believes there’s space for everyone in the business of music.

“There’s so much variety, and every space calls for something unique.

Truth is, what patrons attending a Borough Day fete may desire of a performance cast may be totally different from what’s desired by patrons attending an event at the Queen’s Park Savannah or O2Park,” he said.

During Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2023, many online conversations surrounded the continued casting of the same group of artistes, repeatedly, by event promoters. “While we understand that promoters will pull for the big names in the season, based on music popularity, it is really important to give patrons a good time, and that requires authentic, potent performance.”

Charles’ return with Traffik 2040 is promising a whirlwind experience for patrons, with sets that will deliver hardcore Soca music and enticing stage performances. “What is a fete without a performance that leaves people sweaty, smiling and exhilarated,” he asked with a laugh.

He says this is what Traffik’s return to the scene, will bring. Point Fortin Borough Day celebrations kicking off later this month, Eddie

Charles is ready and excited. Several event promoters have secured the band for their events and he says he can’t wait to show patrons just what a fete should feel like.

Source: EbuzzTT.com 

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