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TTPS assures integrity of its promotion exercise not compromised

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is currently engaged in an expansive promotion exercise. The TTPS is aware of statements on social media questioning the integrity of the said interview and selection process, alleging that interview questions and answers have been leaked and are circulating on social media.

Given the importance of this promotion exercise, the TTPS said it has been meticulous and very calculated in the execution of this project, and rigorous measures have been implemented to maintain the integrity of the process.

According to a release: One such measure is an oath of secrecy taken by all internal and external members of the Promotion Advisory Board. Added to this, the board has never produced, generated or scripted model answers to the questions posed to the candidates. Furthermore, the questions posed to candidates are chosen through a random selection process and are in no set order.

While promotion interview questions and assumed answers may be circulating on social media, the TTPS said it stands by the integrity of the promotion process and can assure all candidates and stakeholders, that such information did not originate from the Promotion Advisory Board or the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. However, the TTPS will re-examine the stringency of its procedures, to further ensure that the integrity of this important promotion exercise is maintained.

Additionally, contrary to claims of nepotism made on social media regarding the said promotion exercise, the TTPS said it would like to inform the public that neither DCP Ag Ramnarine Samaroo nor DCP Ag Curt Simon have daughters who are currently employed at the TTPS.