TT Chamber Warns Against Blaming Game During The Covid-19 Pandenmic

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TT Chamber Warns Against Blaming Game During The Covid-19 Pandenmic

The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce is warning this is not the time to look backwards, identifying fault, but to chart a clear way forward.

In a media release Friday afternoon, the Chamber said our Government, both the ruling party and the opposition must come together with a single-minded purpose to do what is  right for Trinidad and Tobago, our citizens and economy.

The Chamber said it is also clear any decision taken to increase vaccination levels, be it by the implementation of mandatory vaccinations or increased safe zones to protect the unvaccinated, will take months to have the desired impact, this is why the country must act swiftly.

It said we also recognize there is a percentage of our population who have legitimate reasons not to be vaccinated and any decision taken must take this into account.

The Chamber said based on what we are seeing in other countries there is a predictable outcome, which is, that a large percentage of the population of the world and right here in Trinidad will contract COVID.

However, we have some influence on how many of them will die because they are unvaccinated.

The Chamber said it is the responsibility of each individual to help avoid this.

We are comforted by what appears to be a realization that further lockdowns should not be the course of action pursued.

The T&T Chamber firmly advocates on behalf of the over 650,000 citizens of the country who have been compliant.

We ask that any actions be directed at the unvaccinated to encourage vaccination and to protect those who legitimately cannot be vaccinated.