No more wrecking in S’do until 2020


No more wrecking in S’do until 2020

San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello has halted wrecking of vehicles in the city from today until December 31st.

Regrello said that the move was done to encourage shoppers to the city during the holidays. During a walkabout through the streets yesterday, Regrello said, “We are flexible, we want to encourage business and we want people to come and shop in San Fernando. You can use Harris Promenade, parts of St James Street and the right side of High Street going in an easterly direction. However, you can’t park for the whole day.”

Kiran Singh, President of the Greater San Fernando Chamber of Commerce, agreed with the policy as he said it would encourage shoppers to come into San Fernando to avail themselves to the best offers in South and Central. He added, “We will also have some more free parking in the downtown area.”