Rihanna’s Savage X brand has Tik Tok abuzz with these butt cleave leggings


Rihanna’s Savage X brand has Tik Tok abuzz with these butt cleave leggings

Chaos ensued on TikTok this week after a user named @fathermarge brought attention to a pair of leggings that offered little to no coverage in the butt area. “Things are getting a little crazy,” she said while using the green screen effect to showcase the lilac-colored leggings, which feature a large cut-out in the back, as well as lace-up detailing. Soon after, the post blew up, garnering 3.2 million likes and plenty of comments from perplexed users in the process.

While @fathermarge first stated that Fabletics made the head-scratching style, as viewers uncovered upon further research, the leggings are actually from Rihanna’s lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty. (Fathermarge has since removed the video from her page.)

Despite the video being deleted, many continued to stitch it on the platform, sharing their own reactions to the bare-all bottoms. “Can we normalize butt cleavage?” wrote @sweet_thang_ in a reaction video. “Butt cleave is sexy, butt cleave is amazing.” Not everyone agreed: “This is where I draw the line,” said @Paigent12. @Prettykittty04 wrote frankly, “Oh HELL no.”

According to the reviews on Savagex.com, the leggings are extremely popular with the brand’s shoppers. One reviewer named Jessica — who even bought a second pair after trying the style out — called them the “sexiest sleep pants ever.” A reviewer named Sasha called them “a must!” If you’re wondering where they are meant to be worn, according to the brand’s website, they are intended for a “cozy night in.”

A cozy night in wearing buttless and crotchless leggings, that is.