Trump ‘Vex’ With Twitter and Proposes to Create His Own App


Trump ‘Vex’ With Twitter and Proposes to Create His Own App

The outgoing president of U.S, Donald Trump, condemned this Friday the decision of Twitter of permanently suspending his account on the social network and said that he is considering creating his own platform to spread his messages without filters, adding: “They will not silence us!”, from the official account @POTUS.

In messages that were deleted almost instantly, he accused the network, “the radical left and the Democrats of” silencing him. “In addition, he announced the possibility of building” our own platform in the near future. “

Later, Twitter confirmed that it removed Trump’s messages from @POTUS: “Like we said, using another account to try to evade a suspension is against our rules.” “We have taken steps to enforce this regarding recent tweets from the @POTUS account. For government accounts, such as @POTUS and @WhiteHouse, we will not permanently suspend those accounts, but we will take steps to limit their use,” said one Twitter spokesperson.

Twitter will automatically transfer control of the @POTUS account to Democrat Joe Biden on the day of inauguration.

Twitter permanently suspended President Trump’s account on Friday due to the risk of “further incitement to violence.”

The social network has been under pressure to crack down on Trump after Wednesday’s deadly riots in the federal Capitol.

At first Twitter suspended the president’s account for 12 hours after he published a video that repeated false accusations about a electoral fraud and praised the agitators who raided the Capitol.

The Twitter move takes away from Trump a powerful tool he has used to communicate directly with the American people for more than a decade. He has used this social network to announce policy changes, challenge opponents, insult enemies, praise his allies (and himself) and to spread false information, flirting with inciting violence and denouncing characters who are the targets of his anger. using capital letters.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The official account of the President of the United States, @potus, continues to be active.

Twitter has long given Trump and other world leaders broad exceptions to its rules that prohibit personal attacks, hate speech and other behavior. But in an explanation posted on its blog on Friday, the company noted that Trump’s recent tweets amount to glorification of violence when read in the context of the Capitol unrest and plans circulating online for future armed protests. around the swearing-in of President-elect Joe Biden.