Trump Suggests That Supporters Commit Voter Fraud


Trump Suggests That Supporters Commit Voter Fraud

Donald Trump not only called out white supremacists as he debated with Joe Biden this week, but urged his supporters “to go to the polls and watch” the debates.

In making that plea on Tuesday night, the president again hinted at widespread electoral fraud taking place in the United States, without any base, as he called on his base to stage an intervention.

For Trump supporters, this would amount to election fraud in itself, with official poll officials typically requiring certification.

Critics of the president and Democratic opponents argue that the claims are intended to delegitimise the November 3rd election long before the vote count.

Taking the stage in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday night, Mr Trump complained that apparent “poll watchers” had been kicked out of Philadelphia polling stations, saying state officials had since been removed and reprimanded.

“I encourage my supporters to go to the polls and watch very carefully because that is what has to happen – I urge them to do it,” he said on Tuesday.

“There was a big problem, in Philadelphia, they went to watch, they are called poll observers, very sure very good – they got kicked out, they weren’t allowed to watch,” he said, adding: “You know why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia, bad things. “

But the “poll watchers” Mr. Trump referred to on Tuesday do not exist because there are no Republican poll or Trump campaign watchers on record in Pennsylvania, according to the report. Philadelphia Inquirer.

At the same time, there is no open polling station in the city where tellers could be expelled.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar responded, “There are no ballot observers yet. They are officially appointed a few days before election day. They literally don’t exist anymore ”.

While each state has different rules for poll observers, most are paid workers registered by campaigns or national committees to observe potential poll-related problems.

Steve Simon, secretary of state for Minnesota, told Axios As Mr. Trump campaigned in the state on Wednesday, he was concerned about any massive mobilization of self-proclaimed “poll watchers.”

“What is distressing in the words of the president is that I fear that his supporters take it upon themselves to mobilize a large number to go to the polls” as observers of the poll, “he said.