New App Lets You Escape Boring Zoom Meeting with Fake Audio

New App Lets You Escape Boring Zoom Meeting with Fake Audio

A new app has just been released which allows people to leave their dreaded Zoom meetings by playing annoying sounds.

With the rise of video call meetings in the past 12 months, this seemed like the perfect time for an app developer to jump in and cause havoc, and this is exactly what artist Sam Lavigne has done with Zoom Escaper.

Zoom Escaper is a web widget designed to create confusion. The app comes with various sounds effects ranging from lagging connections to uncontrollable crying babies.

This is enough for fellow Zoom users to hit the red button in the chat due to the amount of noise!

Sam Lavigne told The Guardian he’d been, “Thinking about how sabotage might work in a digital context” and that the purpose of Zoom Escaper was so that people “Use it to escape Zoom calls and do less work”.

Lavigne is really pushing the app and even has a tutorial on YouTube highlighting the key features and how to set up the web widget.

This is not the first time Sam Lavigne has tried to develop an app to confuse workforces and slow down productivity.

2016 saw Slow Hot Computer which sends users to a website that would slow down their systems. This didn’t quite take off but Lavigne will be more optimistic with this latest app!

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