Gary assures that Blanchisseuse Police Station is not closing

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Gary assures that Blanchisseuse Police Station is not closing

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith has debunked false and misleading comments being made by an activist/politician that is giving the impression that the Blanchisseuse Police Station is being closed.

The Commissioner wishes to clarify that no police station can be closed without the permission of the National Security Council.

He said “Throughout Trinidad and Tobago, stations are being repurposed and aligned with the strategic plan of the TTPS which is to increase the effectiveness of the Police Service. Mischief is being created as it relates to the Blanchisseuse station specifically. There will be increased Police presence on the north coast area as officers will no longer be stationed inside of a building; instead they will be actively policing the roads in their communities. Additionally, there will continue to be a 24-hour police presence in the Blanchisseuse community.”

Griffith added that: “During the day, the Police Youth Club will utilize the Blanchisseuse Police Station to conduct daily activities for youths in the community and at night, it will be the base for joint police and army patrols which will effect a lockdown on the north coast. It must also be noted that an officer will be at the Blanchisseuse location at all times to facilitate taking of reports from the public if necessary. Investigators however will be assigned from the nearest police stations or relevant special units.

“Residents can also utilize our online reporting platform to report crimes. This is in fact the more efficient and faster method of receiving services as your report is immediately sent to the appropriate sections and you retain the ability to track the status of your report online.”

The Commissioner of Police met with the Member of Parliament for the area and Wednesday and will be meeting with the residents early next week.