Trump Says ‘No Rush’ On Economic Aid As Jobless Crisis Grows

Trump Says ‘No Rush’ On Economic Aid As Jobless Crisis Grows

Donald Trump said on Friday that he was “not in a hurry“to reach an agreement with the Democrats regarding a new plan to help Americans affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Democrats in Congress, led by Nancy Pelosi, are working on a new multibillion-dollar package of measures, including aid to US states, paying rent or paying off loans, or protecting wages.

The text could be put to a vote in the House of Representatives if it returns to normal operation next week, according to Ms Pelosi.

However, the President wanted to temper any sense of urgency, despite alarming unemployment figures released on Friday, with the rate reaching 14.7%.

“We are not in a hurry“he said during a meeting with elected Republican officials.”We want to see what they have in their bill“. “We got what we needed“in previous plans, he added.

In March, Congress approved a historic $ 2.2 trillion stimulus package, promulgated by Donald Trump. It included the distribution of checks to the Americans, and 349 billion for a fund dedicated to small and medium-sized businesses.

A second aid plan of nearly $500 billion followed in late April. Republican officials and the White House are now pleading for a “pause“before further action.

An unacceptable position for the leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate Chuck Schumer. “We need a bold and massive approach to support American workers and families“, he said in a statement.

“No one can look at today’s jobs report, the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression, and say we have to hit the pause button“, he protested.

US Senators Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and Ed Markey on Friday introduced a bill that would secure a check for $ 2,000 a month to a majority of Americans for the duration of the crisis.

Donald Trump, for his part, pleaded for measures to reduce social security contributions, an idea which met with resistance within his party. And he talked about the idea of ​​lower capital gains tax on Friday.

Two proposals which would be ardently opposed by the Democrats.