TRHA equipped to monitor all persons taking vaccines

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TRHA equipped to monitor all persons taking vaccines

The Tobago Regional Health Authority’s General Manager of Primary Health Care Services Dr Roxanne Mitchell said the authority was fully equipped to monitor persons taking the vaccines.

She made the statement after the first set of 100 Tobago frontline workers received their initial doses of the COVID-19 Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine at the Scarborough Health Centre, on Saturday.

The centre is one of three sites, including the Roxborough and Canaan Centres, where vaccinations will take place on the island.

Nigeria-born Dr Ogonna Okeke, head of the Department of Internal Medicine Department and Dr Ian Sammy, head of Accident and Emergency Department-Tobago Regional Health Authority, received the first and second vaccinations, respectively.

Dr Mitchell said “With regard to the monitoring, we are ready. We were monitoring (COVID-19) persons in terms of primary and secondary contacts daily, in some cases twice per day. That mechanism has been tried as we have the staff, and we do have the ability to ramp up the monitoring.”

Secretary of Health, Wellness, and Family Development Tracy Davidson-Celestine said she was happy the vaccines were in Tobago.

“Today is a day of celebration and more so a day of hope. It is a celebration that for the second time, we have been able to record zero cases of COVID-19 on the island,” she said.