Tobago hoteliers upgrade room stock with government grant

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Tobago hoteliers upgrade room stock with government grant

Tobago’s hospitality and tourism sector  is undergoing a highly anticipated face-lift, as local hoteliers and tourism accommodation providers begin upgrading their properties with financial assistance from the government’s  Tourism Accommodation Relief Grant.

Since the Tobago Tourism Agency Limited (TTAL) opened applications for the grant in June 2020, 62 different tourism properties on the island have been approved for financial assistance, some of which have already begun the upgrade process with monies received through TTAL.

Louis Lewis, TTAL’s Chief Executive Officer stated: “The Tobago Tourism Agency Limited is encouraged by the number of accommodation properties which have taken the opportunity to access the grant facility for upgrades to their establishments.

Almost $15 million of the $50M Tourism Accommodation Relief Grant has been invested into Tobago’s tourism industry and its integral accommodation sector to date by the government, with  property owners accessing grants ranging from a maximum of $100,000TTD for 2-7 rooms, $300,000TTD for 8-50 rooms, $500,000TTD for 51-99 rooms, and $600,000TTD for 100 rooms or more.

TTAL said they will continue to accept and process applications for the upgrade grant from tourism property owners, and has made available step by step information on the application process on their  website at