Trick Daddy Responds To Beyoncé Beyhive


Trick Daddy Responds To Beyoncé Beyhive

Trick Daddy has been in hot water these past few days with the Beyhive. In fact, the calculated dragging by the hive became so intense that the Miami rapper sat down with Marc Lamont Hill to address it.

During his interview with Hill for BNC News, the “Thug Holiday” hitmaker doubled down on his stance that Beyoncé is not that great of a singer but says that people took his opinion “the wrong way.”

“The part about her not writing her songs, 95 percent of all vocalists don’t write their own music, so that’s not a big issue.”

Trick also addressed comments he made regarding Roc Nation mogul Jay-Z not being the greatest rapper alive, a title that is typically used to define the “Reasonable Doubt” MC.

“And I said that Jay-Z was to New York and the hip-hop scene in New York to what Beyoncé is in the R&B scene,” the 46-year-old added.

While the Slip N Slide founder recognizes that Bey is talented, he explained that in his mind, she doesn’t “measure up” to Mariah Carey, Adele, and Whitney Houston. He says that there is “a difference between singing and sanging.”

Since his Clubhouse comments surfaced, Trick’s social media platforms have been swarmed with Beyhive members defending Queen Bey. They even took it as far as to leave negative Google and Yelp reviews about his restaurant, Sunday’s Eatery. The reviews became so heinous that Yelp disabled posting on Trick’s eatery page due to “unusual activity” Wednesday morning.

Despite the fallout, Trick stands by his remarks and says he does not believe he said “nothing to offend anybody” and even added that the “Love On Top” Grammy-award-winning artist was a “hell of a performer.”

The “Love & Hip-Hop” star also took a moment to take shots at the Beyhive directly, stating that he was more afraid of the roaches he grew up with than bees.