TikToker admits she is addicted to tanning sunbeds

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TikToker admits she is addicted to tanning sunbeds

A viral video of a woman admitting that she’s addicted to using sunbeds, which has contributed to her extreme tan has been making its rounds throughout TikTok.

The video uploaded by Sleepysammyyy has already garnered more than 100,000 views with more than 200 comments from TikTok users with diverging opinions.

Many users swarmed the comment section, many people loved it while some cautioned her about the side effects of tanning.


Meanwhile U.K based doctor, Dr. Gabriella Birley of The Doctor Clinic warned of the dangers of sun bed tanning a nasal spray tanning – which she said can be dangerous because they usually haven’t gone through a thorough testing process.

Dr. Gabriella said: ‘Nasal tanning sprays are not licensed in the UK which means that they have not undergone the stringent safety, quality and effectiveness testing that all medicines have to undergo before they can be licensed for use.

Another social media influencer opened up about her addiction with tanning beds on “Hooked on the Look”