The Mind of a Rapist: Clinical Psychologist Dr. Peter Weller

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The Mind of a Rapist: Clinical Psychologist Dr. Peter Weller

Clinical and community psychologist Dr. Peter Weller spoke to IzzSo media about what goes on in the mind of a rapist: Dr. Weller suggested that research indicates that rapists have different profiles. Rape is about a power differential. Society and the criminal justice system needs mechanisms that can identify persons who may have tendencies to extremely criminal behaviors and provide interventions for them before the behaviours manifest in abuse, rape and murders.

In some cases there are markers or indicators that some persons may having a tendency toward extremely criminal behaviors. Some however operate under of their acceptable social cover or outward personas or disguises who are engaged in these types of behaviors but are hidden and in many instances never discovered or identified.

The cycle of abuse and the profile of abuse including sexual abuse involves some boys and men who may have themselves been abuse and continuing the cycle of abuse. It does not in any way justify the abusive acts, but many times it can be traced in the history of the perpetrator.