Buccoo Reef suffers pump issues

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Buccoo Reef suffers pump issues

Chairman of the National Infrastructure Development Company Herbert George has revealed that the reason the new inter-island ferry the Buccoo Reef turned back while on its voyage to TT on January 21, was due to issues with its pumps.

He said the Buccoo Reef, was on its way to T&T and therefore was forced to turn back to Hobart, Tasmania after developing the problem on January 21.

He said one engine was overheating and the ship’s master decided to return to Hobart and troubleshooters found the problem was a leak on the cooling water pump.

George made the revelation during Monday’s meeting of the Parliament’s Joint Select Committee (State Enterprises) into NIDCO’s operations.

He said the pumps installed may not have been flushed properly and workmanship also appeared to be an issue.

George said all works were still under guarantee and the manufacturer of the main engine, Mann, agreed to fix the problem.

He said new pumps were ordered from Germany and took some time to arrive in Australia due to the Covid-19 pandemic.