TTPS and Promoters Association aware synergy needed between both parties

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TTPS and Promoters Association aware synergy needed between both parties

Acting Commissioner of Police, Erla Christopher extended an invitation to the Trinidad and Tobago Promoters Association, following their concerns expressed at a media conference held on Monday 23rd January, 2023.

The Acting Commissioner took the allegations very seriously and was eager to discuss the claims made, and to chart a mutually beneficial way forward for both parties.

Persons present were Acting Commissioner of Police Erla Christopher, DCP Curt Simon, other members of the Executive, and a representative from the TTPS Legal Unit. Jerome ‘Rome” Precilla, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Promoters Association, and Paige De Leon, Public Relations Officer represented the association.

During the meeting, the TTPS team explained the legal definition of extortion to the members of the association. The team drew their attention to sections 32 and 33 of the Larceny Act Chap 11:12, which defines the occurrence of extortion as when any person who, with menace or by force, demands of any person anything capable of being stolen, with the intent to steal same, and any person who, with intent to extort any valuable thing from any person; or to induce any person to confer or procure for any person any appointment or office of profit or trust.

The TTPS then gave Mr Precilla, the opportunity to present evidence about the allegations made previously. However, with the explanation given there was no evidence to support the claim that extortion exists, as it relates to the managing of Extra Duty by the TTPS.

Following up from the last meeting where the groups met, Mr Precilla presented guidelines to assist the police in addressing the calculation of the strength (manpower) needed for an event.

Snr Superintendent Kerwin Francis, who was part of the committee mandated by the COP to review the Extra Duty policy, thanked Mr Precilla for the suggestions made in a proposal document he previously provided. Snr Supt Francis then made a presentation on the current Events Policy and Procedural Manual, and explained the process to Mr Precilla and Ms De Leon, which gave a very comprehensive understanding of how the Extra Duty is managed.
Another presentation was made by a representative of the Crime and Problem Analysis (CAPA) Branch, on the risk factors involved in arriving at the strength (manpower) given to be deployed at an event.

Mr Precilla was pleased with the presentations and had further questions, he also asked to be given an opportunity to review and present the recommendations to the other members of the association.

Acting Commissioner Christopher also took note of Mr Precilla’s suggestions and both parties agreed to a follow-up meeting at a mutually agreed date. “The TTPS is aware of the synergy needed between both parties, and appreciates the valuable contribution culture makes to enrich the lives of persons and to the economy”, she further stated that this must be balanced by the requirement to ensure patrons attending these cultural events are safe.

The TTPS looks forward to having continued dialogue with the Promoters Association as we strive to keep the patrons and members of the public safe throughout this Carnival season and beyond.