Teens forced into sex ring in dramatic rescue by activist, police

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Teens forced into sex ring in dramatic rescue by activist, police

The two Venezuelan girls, who said they were part of a group which included 12 others, were rescued after Venezuelan activist Yesenia Gonzales reached out to the TTPS for help on the weekend.

She reportedly assisted the girls aged 16 and 17 – one of whom had been kidnapped six months ago.

With her help police were able to rescue the girls at approximately 4 am on Saturday in bushy area in Cunupia, where the girls were found half naked and barefoot.

Speaking with the Power Breakfast Show on Power 102 Digital this morning Gonzales said that she was contacted early in the morning begging for her help.

She said she then contacted a few police officers who she knew.

She revealed she was told that the girls had run away and were hiding in a busy area and were afraid for their safety.

They also reportedly said that others who were also held captive were afraid to escape with them.

The Activist explained that she contacted Acting Commissioner of police McDonald Jacob for help and he sent police to interview the girls.

She said the girls were interviewed and then taken to the police station to make a report.

The 16-year-old bore bruises about the body as she was beaten by her handler who is from the Dominican Republic.

She also claimed to have been raped multiple times daily during her six months in captivity.