Teaching Service Commission needs to be revamped

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Teaching Service Commission needs to be revamped

Retired Chairman of the Teaching Service Commission, Dr. Fazal Ibrahim Ali said the Teaching Commission needs to be revamped and function more as a body that monitors teachers, rather than appoints them to schools.

Dr Ali made the recommendation at Wednesday’s National Consultation on Education.

He said the Teaching Service Commission should not be responsible for hiring or disciplining teaching staff, but like the United Kingdom, it should be the principals’ responsibility to pick the team, oversee the staff, fire staff and discipline as sees fit, with the commission simply monitoring.

Persons applying to be a teacher must go through the Teaching Service Commission. However, the placement process can take as long as six years.

Dr Ali said the Ministry of Education needs to cease immediately, the taking of walk-in applications from the public.

He said “we have 141 (government) secondary schools, and 550 primary schools. He said based on the output of students from the universities, there is no way that the educational system could absorb that.

Dr Ali recommended that the government make much needed legislative amendments to the education act.

He said we need a proper education act from ABC to PHD.