Tancoo challenges Rowley to show proof of letter requesting donations from India

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Tancoo challenges Rowley to show proof of letter requesting donations from India

Oropouche West MP, Dave Tancoo has congratulated UNC’s Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessr for her initiative in pursuing a donation of vaccines from India, although he said he notes with curiosity and concern the Prime Minister’s release in which he claims that the donation was based on his correspondence with PM Modi.

Tancoo said “We challenge PM Rowley to publish his letter showing clearly where he asked for donations as it is a matter of public record that he referenced persons who wrote asking for donations as beggars, distancing himself from any such practice. The insult to the Leader of the Opposition and the CARICOM Prime Ministers who wrote to PM Modi seeking donated vaccines was deliberate. Indeed, the entire Government engaged in name calling, denigrating Mrs Bissessar for her correspondence. It is therefore ironic that he now claims ownership of the donation by India, claiming that it was based on his correspondence to India.”

The Oropouche West Executive joins with the national community in demanding that PM Rowley publish a true copy of his letter of February 23rd 2021, requesting donations.

Tancoo said “Should he be unwilling or unable to prove that he in fact made such a request then Dr Rowley would have acted inappropriately once more in issuing his release claiming credit for the donation and would have moreover acted in a disingenuous manner in not recognising the involvement and influence of Mrs Bissessar’s correspondence on this matter.”

He added “It is already a matter of public record that Mrs Persad-Bissessar, acting in the public interest and out of concern for the lives of our citizens, wrote requesting donated vaccines from the Government and people of India on February 23rd 2021.

Tancoo said “We reserve comment on the potential for donated vaccines from China until details about the WHO approval and the vaccine efficacy rate is established since it is only then that these vaccines can realistically be considered for use.”