Stringent Criterion For CEPEP Contractors

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Stringent Criterion For CEPEP Contractors

CEPEP says there is a stringent criterion for prequalification of contractors.

When a pre-qualification notice is advertised, interested parties can apply for pre-qualification based upon the following criteria:


Experience in business

Involvement in Community Projects/ Community Work


A Valid Police Certificate of Character is required for all Company Directors/ Contractors

Business Plan

Evaluation is based on a point system considering the following:

Population Density



Available Resources

Type of work to be undertaken

All applications for Core CEPEP Contractors must be from Limited Liability Companies.

Information on these companies is available to the public and can be accessed from the Companies Registry, Ministry of the Legal Affairs.

CEPEP contractors are required to effectively clear the natural environment of all waste and to undertake beautification works which will enhance the general appearance of the physical environment in an environmentally friendly manner that will improve the general appearance of the physical environment in local communities.

This includes maintenance of road verges and medians, collecting and removal of work generated as well as conservation activities such as coastal rehabilitation and clearing, replanting of forests, cleaning and clearing of rivers, drains and watercourses.

Each contractor team comprises of thirty workers.

These workers are paid fortnightly. Contractors receive a management fee of Twenty-One Thousand, Nine Hundred, Ninety-Nine Dollars and Sixty-Two Cents ($21,999.62  – VAT exclusive) which is paid monthly.

Internal checks by the Company confirmed that none of the persons mentioned in the Trinidad Express article are in receipt of any CEPEP contract.

The public is asked to report any information on gang activity within the programme to the Company as well as the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.