Maternal Deaths Increase Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

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Maternal Deaths Increase Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Yet another maternal and infant death, due to COVID-19, has been recorded by the Ministry of Health.

This was revealed by Director of Women’s Health, Dr Adesh Sirjusingh at the Ministry covid19 media conference on Wednesday.

This latest death, which reportedly occurred postpartum, has taken the cumulative number of COVID-19-related maternal deaths to six. It was also noted that the infant was premature.

Dr Sirjusingh indicated that there have been six cases of mother-to-child transmission and preterm birth which is a known effect of COVID-19.

Dr Sirjusingh further stated that, based on preliminary data gathered up to January 14, 1,181 pregnant women have contracted covid19. Some 1,101 were confirmed in 2021 with 22 additional cases in January. Dr Sirjusingh added that two per cent of the patients have been hospitalised with some being placed in high dependency units and others in intensive care units.