State should reconsider funding for post-grad degrees

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State should reconsider funding for post-grad degrees

Economist Dr Vaalmikki Arjoon, is suggesting that the state provide partial funding for post-graduate degrees in an effort to close the knowledge gap, since that compounds with already high levels of income inequality.

Arjoon, who is also a UWI lecturer, said: “Those in the higher income brackets will afford to go to university, but those from low income households may not be able to.

“In this vein, the state should re-consider the decision to not allow future postgraduate access to GATE if they already received it, particularly for those from low income households.”

Arjoon said, “They should consider a 50% subsidy for these individuals. Alternatively, an interest free student loan programme could be enforced where following, two years of working after graduation they begin to repay the loan.

“It is also imperative that the ministry tighten their audits to ensure that students are receiving the correct GATE funding based on their household income levels.”