Six Held During Anti Crime Exercises In North Eastern And Western Divisions

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Six Held During Anti Crime Exercises In North Eastern And Western Divisions

Six men were arrested and two firearms and a quantity of ammunition found, during anti-crime exercises conducted in the North-Eastern and Western Divisions Thursday.

The exercises were spearheaded by Senior Superintend Maharaj, Superintendent Ramjohn and ASP Pariman, supervised by Sgt. Mitchell and included members of the North-Eastern Division Gang Intelligence Unit, the Santa Cruz Criminal Investigations Department, the Santa Cruz Police Station, the North- Eastern Division Task Force and North-Eastern Division Coastal Patrol Unit.

During an exercise, conducted between 10 am and 5 pm on Thursday officers conducted a search of a bushy area along Blackford Street, Santa Cruz, which resulted in one AR-15 rifle, loaded with two magazines containing 60 rounds of 5.56 ammunition and one blue ski mask, being discovered.

Four male suspects, ages 24, 28, 35 and 40, were also arrested in the district, relative to shooting enquiries.

Meanwhile, an intelligence-led operation was conducted in the Western Division, namely the Carenage Police District, by members of the North Division’s Special Intelligence Unit, the Inter-Agency Task Force Strike Team, the Guard and Emergency Branch, the North Division Gang Unit, the Canine Unit, the Costal and Riverine Unit, the Special Operations Response Team and the North Central Task Force-West.

The exercise, conducted around 11 pm on Thursday was coordinated by Senior Ramphall, ASP Coggins and by Sergeant Avis and Corporal Dardaine.

During the exercise, officers proceeded to the Western Main Road home of a male suspect, where one pistol was found in his possession.

He was arrested in connection with the find.

Also at the same location, a Venezuelan national was interviewed and found to be living in the country illegally for the past two years.

Both men were arrested and taken to the Tunapuna Police Station, pending further enquires.