T&TEC Launches Investigation Into Overhead Line Accident in Chaguanas

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T&TEC Launches Investigation Into Overhead Line Accident in Chaguanas

The Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission says is conducting enquiries into an incident in Chaguanas where three persons were apparently injured and one electrocuted after a flagpole they were moving appeared to have come into contact with an electricity line.

T&TEC says preliminary information is that around 12:30 p.m. on Friday, four persons from the Civilian Conservation Corps, Ministry of National Security office in Woodford Lodge, Chaguanas, were moving a flagpole when it came into contact with the 12,000 volt overhead line. One person is reportedly dead and three are receiving treatment at the Mt Hope Hospital. One is listed as critical.

In a media release, the Commission said General Manager, Kelvin Ramsook headed a technical team from the Central Distribution Area which visited the site to assess the situation and safely restore the electricity supply.

He will appoint an internal investigation committee to probe the incident further.


T&TEC is reminding the public of the need to exercise caution when working around electricity lines. Coming close to, or into contact with, overhead lines can lead to serious injury or death.

Before doing any work close to overhead lines or the point of connection to your property contact T&TEC for a temporary disconnection so you can work safely.