Retired boat captain drowns during floods

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Retired boat captain drowns during floods

A Claxton Bay family is mourning the loss of their patriarch Ramnath Minwah, who drowned after falling into a river late Saturday evening.

Around 6:30 pm the 76-year-old marine captain was trying to get to his home on St John’s Road as flood waters began to rise.

He walked to the side of the road as a vehicle reversed and slipped into the river as the flood water covered the road.

His granddaughter Janelle Pirmal said the flow was so strong that a resident who stood next to him tried to grab his arm, but the water washed him downstream.

His son Ryan eventually found him snagged on a tree with his hands wrapped around it.

Firefighters removed Minwah around 7.30 pm.

The father of six and grandfather of 16 was already dead.