SEWA TT Donates 4,000 KN95 Masks To Media Workers

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SEWA TT Donates 4,000 KN95 Masks To Media Workers

Voluntary Organisation, SEWA TT, has donated 4,000 KN95 masks to the journalism community of Trinidad and Tobago with an estimated value of TT$40,000.00 and has asked the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago to facilitate the distribution of the protective gear to the practicing journalists of this country.

MATT is distributing 20 masks per journalist to assist them in continuing to work during this period of high infections.

President of SEWA TT, Revan Teelucksingh offered the masks to MATT with the following statement sent via WhatsApp:

Sewa TT has been preparing for natural disaster for the past five years, and this pandemic is nothing short of a significant natural disaster.

Sewa TT has developed our response in three phases.

1. Prevention of Covid-19 (Informational videos, webinars, support on vaccination sites, and distribution of masks)
2. Support of Covid-19 patients
3. Support the most vulnerable who are dealing with the fallout of Covid-19.

SEWA TT sees media as an essential pillar of democracy, and frontline media workers are most at risk of exposure the Covid-19 virus and its variants and are grateful for this opportunity to allow some measure of protection to journalists.

Recently SEWATT reached out to Amazon UK, who donated TT$350,000 worth of protective masks to support frontline workers.

Of these, we will also donate KN95 masks to protective services (including the Fire Service, secondary schools, and MP’s while holding 50,000 masks in reserve in a natural disaster.

We thank the media for their courage in staying on the frontline and hope this sharing of this protective resource help keep you safe.’