San Juan man fined $360,000 for pen gun, ammo

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San Juan man fined $360,000 for pen gun, ammo

VIDASH RAMJIT, 34, of Corner Ocean Avenue, Don Miguel, San Juan, pleaded guilty when he appeared at the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court today, Friday 25th September, 2020, charged with possession of a pen gun and ammunition.

RAMJIT appeared before Magistrate Anselm Leander and was fined $180,000 for possession of the pen gun, and $180,000 for possession of ammunition – both fines totalling $360,000. He was granted a period of six months to pay or in default serve a five-year sentence.

His arrest was as a result of the diligent work of the officers of the Southern Division Task Force (SDTF) officers who were conducting road traffic exercises along the Cipero Road, Golconda, San Fernando when WPC Torres had caused to stop a white Nissan AD Wagon driven by RAMJIT.

Officer Torres performed a search of the man and one brass coloured cylindrical metal object resembling that of ammunition and one metal cylindrical object with what appeared to be a barrel, a cocking device, a breach block with a firing pin attached resembling that of a firearm were found in his front right pants pocket.