Multi-million dollar villa unveiled in Arnos Vale, Tobago

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Multi-million dollar villa unveiled in Arnos Vale, Tobago

Tourism may be at its lowest low in a century, but a new multimillion dollar villa has recently been unveiled in Arnos Vale, Tobago.

Inspired by lush nature, “Heights of Being” is perfect for travellers seeking an enriching escape into unparalleled privacy and bespoke indulgence and is the brainchild of Trinidad and Tobago born tourism consultant Dr. Auliana Poon.

“Heights of Being” offers the utmost privacy and allows for a seamless blend between indoor and outdoor living. Perched on the verdant Arnos Vale hillside for vast ocean views, the design of the resort truly embraces the landscape of the property. Natural materials, bespoke design and Caribbean inspired art pieces can be admired throughout the villa. “Heights of Being” is an outstanding addition to Tobago’s suite of tourism accommodation.

Dr. Poon, through her company Leve Global, has developed winning tourism marketing strategies, tourism policies and plans for countries all over the world including South Africa, Singapore, Mozambique, The Gambia, Tanzania, Abu Dhabi and the entire Caribbean region.

But this consultant of over thirty (30) years isn’t just ‘talking the talk’, she is also ‘walking the walk’ and ‘putting her money where her mouth is’. She has invested in a TT$10m dollar expansion of Villa Being with the newest addition of the “Heights of Being” and the extension of the main villa with the Grand Pavilion Ocean View Suite.

Dr. Poon believes that “there is no better time than now for tourism investment in ourtwin island Republic. The global pandemic has brought the world to its knees, andtourism has been the worst affected of all the major economic sectors. But Covid-19has also given us an opportunity to ‘RE’ – rethink, reimagine, reinvent, and re-engineer.

“In this environment of heightened uncertainty, radical shifts and a New/Next Normal, it is critical to rethink, refocus, reimagine, re-engineer and reposition tourism to reflect the radically changing scenarios and to be adequately future-proofed. And thi sis my formula for recovery and resilience, and I encourage other tourism entrepreneurs to also pivot in re-thinking their operations”.

Dr. Poon went on to add that “travellers are considering trips in 2022 that enriches their experiences, holidaying in the great outdoors providing both rest and socially distanced explorations. Travelers will be seeking out private hidden gems, dream destinations, and opportunities for nature-focused activities such as exists right herein beautiful Tobago and on Villa Being estate itself”.

Both Villa Being and Heights of Being were designed by Trinidad and Tobago architect Roger Turton. Some of the amenities of Height of Being include an infinity pool and jacuzzi, a sunset gazebo, on-call concierge service, a private chef, personal maid service and unlimited sensual experiences of Tobago’s natural environment.

Villa Being suite of properties are positioned as unique Caribbean vacation spots ideally suit for the traveller that is now seeking now more than ever safety in an isolated, manageable, hygienic environment, away from the hustle, bustle, and stresses of today’s fast paced lifestyle. Villa Being suite of properties are spectacular and a statement about the promising potential of Tobago’s tourism industry.