Rowley: Criminals getting their hands on legal ammunition!

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Rowley: Criminals getting their hands on legal ammunition!

Criminals are continuing their spate of gun related crimes with the use of both illegal and legal ammunition!

This is according to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Speaking on Power 102 Digital’s morning show today the Prime Minister said that criminals are getting a seemingly endless supply of ammunition.

He stated that it’s not just the illegal ports of entry that are the problem, but some of the ammunition that comes into the country legally is ending up into the hands of the criminals.

He revealed that efforts to track the amount of ammunition coming into the country legally and who’s hands it ends up in has proven to be near impossible.

He disclosed that the number of ammunition being brought into the country drastically increased.

He said the system failed because of the lack of proper monitoring within the police service.

Prime Minister Dr Rowley said that the Firearms Unit would have to be reviewed.