DCPs Meet with Traffic Wardens

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DCPs Meet with Traffic Wardens

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Curt Simon, explains it was important for Traffic Wardens to know they are still respected, and that one incident is not a true reflection of the existing relationship between the both organizations.

DCP Ag Simon did not want to comment on the incident involving a Police Officer and Traffic Wardens that is now before the court.

However, he wanted to address the emotional impact the incident had on all uniformed officers.

Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police, Simon met with a contingent of Traffic Wardens, led by Chief Traffic Warden Neville Sankar, at the Solomon McLeod Lecture Theatre, Police Administration Building, Corner Edward and Sackville Streets, Port of Spain.

Mr Sankar responded and informed the meeting that counselling was offered to those involved in the incident.

Acting DCP Samaroo, said that given the importance of the relationship between both parties, he asked those present for ideas about what could be done to improve their relationship.