Cardi B asks court to make Tasha K pay $3M despite bankruptcy

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Cardi B asks court to make Tasha K pay $3M despite bankruptcy

Rapper Cardi B is asking a Judge to uphold the $3 million dollars blogger Tasha K has been ordered to pay her.

Tasha K was ordered to pay the seven figure amount in damages last year after Cardi leveled a defamation suit against her.

The “WAP” rapper accused Tasha K of disrupting her life with unfounded lies. Some of the lies Tasha K is said to have peddled on her platform alleged that Cardi B had an STD, used cocaine, engaged in degrading activities with a beer bottle, worked as an escort in the past and cheated on her partner.

Cardi B denied all of these allegations and the court sided with her.

According to Radar Online, Cardi B “testified that Tasha’s YouTube videos caused problems within her marriage. In the end, a jury awarded Cardi $1 million in general damages, $250k in medical expenses, $1.5 million in punitive damages and another $1.3 million for her legal fees.”

Tahsa K initially told the courts that she didn’t have enough money to pay off the $3 million dollars damages. She recently filed for bankruptcy, placing a hold on the payments, with a potential dismissal of the debts on the horizon.

Cardi B, however, has remained staunchly against that possibility. As Radar Online learned, Cardi B recently requested an assessment of Tasha K’s financial records while asking the court in a newly filed suit, not to wipe off Tasha K’s pending debt due to her bankruptcy. As Radar Online reports, Cardi B argued that the “Defendant was given multiple opportunities to retract the false and defamatory statements and videos, but Defendant steadfastly refused to do so.”

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