Commendations given to 6 cops who nabbed maxi taxi bandits and recovered stolen car

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Commendations given to 6 cops who nabbed maxi taxi bandits and recovered stolen car

Six police officers attached to the North-Central Division are being commended for nabbing two robbery suspects and for recovering a car that was stolen at gunpoint from a policewoman at gunpoint.

The lawmen – PCs Christopher Hannibal, Azariah James, Pratesh Ramnarine, Jason Akins, Phineas Sookdeo and Wendell Eccles – were commended at a short ceremony on July 26 at the Maloney Police Station.

In the first incident, at 9 pm on June 10th, police received a distress call at the Command Centre during which operators were informed of a robbery in progress on board a maxi taxi in the vicinity of Thomas Trace, Arouca.

PCs Hannibal, James and Ramnarine, immediately responded and later spotted two suspects fitting the description of the report. A chase ensued which ended with the arrest of the two men and the recovery of cash that was taken during the robbery. The police officers also seized a firearm allegedly used in the crime.

Also, on July 27th, PCs Eccles and Sookdeo responded to a report in which a black Nissan was taken away at gunpoint from a policewoman in the Malabar district.

The police officers mounted a static position at the Cumuto Intersection along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, where a short while later, they observed the said vehicle heading east turned onto Aripo Road. A chase ensued but the suspects abandoned the vehicle and subsequently escaped.
The car has since been returned to its owner.

Meanwhile, on Dec 18, 18, PC Eccles and Sookdeo arrested one man and seized a firearm after responding to a report of an armed suspect in Arima. The officers later found several rounds of ammunition at the man’s home.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, North-West, Oswain Subero, said the police officers are shining examples of the stellar degree of policing that is required in 2023.

“Every day, police officers are confronted with a series of challenges, but they are committed to rising over these. We at the Northern and North-Central Divisions, are working with our frontline officers as best as we can to serve the public in the manner they so deserve. We are grateful to have these officers and we thank them for their dedication and bravery, despite the odds,” ACP Subero said.

Also, present at the ceremony to celebrate the officers were Superintendent (Ag.) Dave Revanales and Inspector Joseph Jugmohan.