Freeport family robbed of sou-sou money


Freeport family robbed of sou-sou money

One week after collecting his “sou-sou hand” of $15,000 a Freeport man was robbed of the money, which was meant for his children.

Around 7pm on Tuesday night, Davanand Ramsamooj and Sherilyn Bhola were watching a movie with their two children, when the front door was kicked in and two intruders shouted “Where is the sou-sou money?”

They then said to hand over the money or ‘yuh children dead’.

The couple were tied up as the gunmen searched the house for the money which was kept in a bag on a table.

Bhola said the sou-sou money which they collected was to be used to purchase laptops for their children aged 14 and 17 to facilitate their online schooling.

The parents who are both market vendors said they believe that someone knew they had collected their sou-sou “hand” and informed the bandits as to where they lived.

Freeport police officers are investigating.