Pensioner Charged With Assault By Beating.

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Pensioner Charged With Assault By Beating.

A 67-year-old pensioner appeared before Magistrate Alexander Prince at the Couva Second Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday after he was charged with assault by beating.

The accused was fined three hundred dollars and in default six weeks hard labour, time allowed 14 days, he was also ordered to pay one thousand compensation to the victim through CourtPay online before November 30th 2021, in default three weeks’ simple imprisonment.

Around 4pm on September 29th, 2021, a woman was at home with the accused when they had an argument.

He got angry and dealt her several blows to her head with his hands.

The woman made a report at the Couva Police Station and proceeded to the Couva Health Facility to seek medical attention.

Officers of the Gender-Based Violence Unit conducted enquires, which resulted in the arrest of the accused who was charged on October 19th ,2021 at the Chaguanas Police Station.