Burna Boy bacchanal; one promoter trying to stop Friday’s event at O2 Park

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Burna Boy bacchanal; one promoter trying to stop Friday’s event at O2 Park

Burna Boy’s concert, carded for this Friday at O2 Park in Chaguaramas, is now in jeopardy, as one of the promotional teams behind the event is now headed to court to stop the event.

Cash Money Brothers Promotions has alleged that the other outfit with whom they were working to bring the Nigerian singer to Trinidad as part of his Love Damini tour, engaged in certain activities which saw Cash Money Promotions being pushed out of the picture.

Cash Money Promotions are represented by attorneys Marika Trim and Farai Hove Maisasai as the lead.

Trim wrote to Shawn Moses of SM Promotions on Wednesday, calling on him to stop all plans and confirmed carded for the O2 Park Chaguaramas.
Cash Money also wants compensation for all finances they contributed to the event.

Moses has until 2 pm today, Thursday to respond.

According to information in the Newsday:
Cash Money Promotion’s Michael Durham entered a contract with Burna Boy to perform at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on December 16. This changed after it was agreed Damini would perform at the Queen’s Park Savannah on Saturday.

Trim alleged that sometime later, Durham shared certain information with other investors, including Moses, Osita Ugeh of Duke Concepts, Crystal Cunningham of Twisted Entertainment Barbados, and Jules Sobian of Caesars Army with the intention of the various outfits collaborating for the show.

The attorney said some of the information provided included the artist’s rider, the contract, approval for the stadium and savannah venues, stage designs, proposed sponsors, and the budget for the event, among other things.

The letter said Durham contacted the artist’s agent, ready to make a deposit for the show and payment towards a private jet when he was told the contract was voided because he “didn’t come through on the original agreement and kept renegotiating.”

Trim alleged there was a conspiracy that led to Damini being booked by the others, although tickets were already sold by Cash Money Promotions.

The letter also said Durham has suffered losses, both financially and to his reputation in the industry locally.