Rhoda Barath says invoice from Devant Maharaj fake

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Rhoda Barath says invoice from Devant Maharaj fake

Rhoda Bharath and Devant Maharaj have both responded to an invoice in circulation which alleged Bharath paid the former UNC Government Minister thousands of dollars for consultancy services.

She is calling the invoice political mischief.

According to Bharath: “The Human Trafficking allegations clearly have the UNC in a strange place.
There is no such company registered in my name. Further, I eh so cheap as to pay a consultant with a PhD $575 an hour. The UNC have much lower to go to protect their MPs.
How low can the UNC go?”

Maharaj also added his voice to fake invoice photo, saying: “In response to my information about prostitution and its related activity of human trafficking, the UNC has stooped to fabricating an invoice claiming that I am paid by Rhoda Bharath.”

“I am confident that Ms. Rhoda Bharath can confirm that she never paid me for any goods or services at any time or place.
I have not now or ever been paid by Rhoda Bharath or the PNM and/or anyone purporting to act on the PNM behalf or paid by anyone to attack the UNC.

Maharaj added: “The lengths the UNC continues to go to to protect and promote persons in the UNC that are engaged in questionable activities should not be surprising to anyone.