8 additional persons test positive for COVID -19

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8 additional persons test positive for COVID -19

The Ministry of Health provided the following update on T&T’s COVID-19 status.

 8 additional persons have tested positive for COVID -19
These new patients will be processed for admission at the discretion of the CMOHs.

 4 persons have been discharged from public health facilities.
 There have been 21 recovered community cases.

Recovered community cases refer to persons who were previously COVID-19 positive and in self-isolation at home and subsequently met the discharge criteria and were released from self-isolation.

COVID-19 Positive Patients in Hospital – 34
Couva Hospital and Multi-Training Facility 22
2 (ICU)
Caura Hospital 4
Arima General Hospital 0
Augustus Long Hospital 0
St Ann’s Hospital 0
Scarborough Regional Hospital at the Fort 8
7 (en route)
Scarborough General Hospital, Signal Hill 0
COVID-19 Positive Patients in Step-down / Transition Facilities – 28
Claxton Bay Correctional Facility 11
UWI, Debe 10
Tobago 7