No mass migration of nurses says Deyalsingh

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No mass migration of nurses says Deyalsingh

Health Minister Terrance Deyalsingh has denied recent claims of an exodus of nurses by the head of the T&T Registered Nurses Association, Idi Stuart.

Speaking to media during a Women’s Health function at the Women’s Hospital of the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, on Sunday, Deyalsingh said: “The numbers don’t support any mass migration of nurses. It doesn’t.”

Stuart warned of mass movement of nurses following a recent recruitment exercise by international organisation Avant Healthcare Professionals and there are said to be a few more exercises in the near future.

The Miami-based firm recruitment’s exercise took place at the Ballroom of Trinidad Hilton and Conference Centre where they offered to “change the lives of T&Ts healthcare professionals by helping them achieve their American Dream.

Deyalsingh said with respect to any improved salaries for our local nurses, “Those discussions are ongoing with the Chief Personnel Officer.”