Republicans Proposing to Give Trump Two Weeks to Prepare for Impeachment Trial

Republicans Proposing to Give Trump Two Weeks to Prepare for Impeachment Trial

The Republican leader in the Senate is said to have proposed that Donald Trump be given two weeks to prepare for the Supreme Court case.

Donald Trump does not get much free time in the first weeks after he resigned as president. He will probably have to let the golf clubs stand, and instead prepare for his defense in the Supreme Court case.

The newspaper Politico writes that the Republican leader in the Senate has proposed to his democratic counterpart that Trump should be allowed to use the time until the beginning of February.

Until Wednesday, Mitch McConnell was the majority leader of the Republicans in the Senate. Then the two Democratic election winners from Georgia were sworn in. Thus, Trump’s party lost the majority.

McConnell had to hand over the job of majority leader to Democrat Chuck Schumer. For four years, McConnell was one of Donald Trump’s most loyal supporters. He used his power as a majority leader to protect Trump and get through the president’s policies.

In the USA, it is the House of Representatives that takes out accusations and acts as a prosecutor in Supreme Court. The 100 senators are judges, and must have a two-thirds majority if Trump is to be convicted.

So far, the Democrats’ leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has not sent over the accusation.

On Thursday, she said that she will soon take the formal steps that make Trump have to defend himself in the Supreme Court for the second time.

In the House of Representatives, 10 Republicans voted to put Trump on trial. There is great tension about how many Republican senators will vote for the Democrats when the issue comes up.

McConnell himself repeatedly repeats that he has not made up his mind. But he has clearly distanced himself from Trump, saying that he called for the storming of the Congress building on January 6th.