Proposal Made For NAMDEVCO To Be Revamped

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Proposal Made For NAMDEVCO To Be Revamped

A former Minister of Agriculture is suggesting there be a revamping of the National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation.

NAMDEVCO provides technical support for the development of successful production, post-harvest handling, value-added processing, cold chain management, storage, and marketing systems.

The proposal comes from Vasant Bharath while speaking on Power 102 Digital’s Afternoon Drive Programme this week.

Mr Bharath said under a revamped model NAMDEVCO can operate in such a way where local farmers will also have a market and focus more on boosting their production of crops.

Mr Bharath said NAMDEVCO can also do their part to ensure there are various markets where the crops are sold and avoid spoilage.

Mr Bharath said there is also urgent need to protect local farmers from competition from outside and tackle the other challenges they face which set back their profession.