Met Service Issues High Wind Alert – Yellow Level

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Met Service Issues High Wind Alert – Yellow Level

A High Wind Alert Yellow Level is now in effect.

The Meteorological Service says this took effect from 3:55pm on Thursday and will last until 2pm on Saturday.

The Met Service said there is a high potential for moderate to strong winds with brief wind gusts in excess of 55km/hr.

Such wind gusts are capable of displacing unsecured roofs and loose outdoor objects.

Windy conditions can also aid in spreading existing bushfires faster along landscapes.

Marine activity can be adversely impacted by these strong winds and visibility may be extremely low during dusk and dawn.

Wind waves can reach occasionally above 2.5m in open waters and choppy in sheltered areas.

Member of the public are advised to secure loose outdoor objects and livestock.

Marine interests should also exercise extra caution. Be alert to bushfires.

Follow the instructions of lifeguards.

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