Princes Town Constituency Exec throws full support behind Kamla

Princes Town Constituency Exec throws full support behind Kamla

The Princes Town Constituency Executive has thrown their full support behind UNC Political Leader, Kamla Persad Bissessar.

Chairman of the executive, Mr. Gowrie Roopnarine indicated that at the last sitting of the executive on Thursday, there was consensus amongst members that Mrs. Persad Bissessar was the right person to continue leading the party, to guide the new MPs and steer the party through the turbulent waters that the country is experiencing.

He hailed Mrs. Persad Bissessar’s leadership style, both as Prime Minister and as the Leader of the Opposition as being visionary and all inclusive.

Mr. Roopnarine stated that Mrs. Persad Bissessar has demonstrated that she remains committed to the citizens of Trinidad & Tobago and highly favourable amongst the population and the party membership amassing over 309000 votes in the 2020 General Elections.

He indicated that Persad Bissessar continues to demonstrate her competence and ability to represent with her commitment to improving the quality of the lives of citizens evident in the focus that she placed on healthcare, education, infrastructure development and her responsiveness in times of national crisis.

The Princes Town Constituency Executive feels at this important junction in their party’s history, Mrs. Persad Bissessar is the right candidate to continue leading the party and its membership.