Diver goes missing in Mayaro; search now underway

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Diver goes missing in Mayaro; search now underway

A search and rescue is currently underway for a diver who went missing in the waters off Mayaro on Sunday.

The missing man has been identified as Reinaldo Novoa.

Just before dawn this morning, the family of Mr Novoa issued an appeal to boat owners and fishermen along Trinidad’s east coast to join in the search efforts.
They requested that these boat owners and fishermen search the coast from an area known as serpents mouth to Gran Cayo Point, Mayaro all the way up to Toco.

Novoa, a father of two and grandfather of seven, went missing off the coast of Mayaro around 3:45pm on Sunday, during an open dive.

His wife Jasema Mungalsingh said: “He is a strong swimmer and diving instructor and did have a buoyancy device. However time is of the essence.
Mungalsingh noted that her husband does have survival knowledge and experience to last this long.

She said the Coastguard is waiting for air support before coordinating their efforts which is still to be sorted.